Robert Duggan 6 Characteristics Genius


Throughout history, geniuses have proven to be more alike than different. Regardless of the industry in which they have excelled, geniuses are connected by 24 characteristics of genius, according to research by clinical psychologist Dr. Alfred A. Barrios.

Barrios’ groundbreaking 1980 article, “24 Qualities That Geniuses Have In Common”, set the groundwork for CEO & Chairman of the Board Robert Duggan’s Genius training series at Pharmacyclics. With the exclusive rights from Dr. Alfred Barrios to teach the 24 Genius Character Traits, Duggan gives free instruction at Pharmacyclics so that everyone can reach their full genius potential.

The training begins with these six out of twenty-four pivotal genius traits:


A genius possesses a strong work ethic and will to succeed. Geniuses give 100% to any endeavor they attempt. Envisioning and focusing on their future successes, they project their efforts forward to achieve their vision.


Worrying about what other people think is the killer of courage. Geniuses take impossible tasks and view them as challenges. They have the confidence and courage to stand up for what they believe is right. Courage is the mental bravery to risk failure to gain success.

Devotion to Goals

Geniuses schedule success as a to-do on their calendars. They set their sights on something specific and hit their targets everyday.


Geniuses are always moving towards something: goals, success and knowledge. Rarely does a genius retire at night without attaining a new piece of knowledge – either from investigation of facts or the questioning of people in the know.


Those who possess genius are ones who are honest and forthright. Geniuses realize that the truth is the surest path to success. Therefore, geniuses take responsibility for their mishaps, learn from mistakes and turn them into future successes.


Geniuses never doubt that they will have future success. With purpose and focus, they keep their eyes fixed on the horizon, knowing their goals will be attained.


Until the second installment of the 24 Characteristics of Genius, exercise these principles in your life to see how they work for you!