6 Characteristics of Genius – The Final Installment

Percival Lowell Uses The Curiosity Genius Characteristic

Percival Lowell Uses The Curiosity Genius Characteristic


With this fourth and final installment of the 24 Characteristics of Genius, you will be fully armed with the toolkit to successfully walk through your professional and personal life as a genius.


The desire to gain knowledge will inevitably make a person versatile. The more you learn, the more you will accomplish – being well-versed in many different areas. A genius is not afraid of learning new things. Knowledge garners the power to succeed.


Life can be a set of impromptu events. A genius should be able to be ready for changes, which is usually the only constant. A genius takes lifetime learning and applies new and traditional ideologies to come up with better options, even if those options are not the status quo.


Often, curiosity breeds the strong desire to learn new things. Curious people are generally humble people, and not afraid to ask questions. Perpetually inquisitive, geniuses are not afraid to admit that there are answers they may not know.


You would be hard-pressed to name a genius who did not have fierce individualism. Einstein, Da Vinci, Jobs: they all had unique personalities and views into the brave new world. They were fearless and took risks to accomplish things no one else thought possible, and always on their own terms.


Geniuses are not afraid to think big and carry out their ideas. To a genius, anything is possible. They are not stifled by the confines of current situations or “normal” operations. Geniuses believe that fantastic things can sometimes come out of fantastical ideas.


Imagination is not solely the act of daydreaming, it is an act of faith and confidence. A genius always has an active imagination, but can take those ideas that come from their  “head in the clouds” and bring them to earth. Taking a thought and bringing it to fruition is what separates a genius from a mere daydreamer.

Be prepared not for failure, but for success. Continue trying these exercises every day, and you will be well on your way to great endeavors. Always strive to do better and live by these codes; they will turn your actions into the actions of a genius!