Robert Duggan Genius Part 2

Ability to Judge

The ability to judge comes from looking at things as a whole and getting the entire perspective before making a final decision. Since some situations require a certain level of fluidity, a genius needs an open and practical mind — the ability to make judgements based on overall facts, yet still be able to change his or her mind.


Geniuses look at the world with excitement and curiosity, not fear of failure. They truly believe that their goals are achievable and are willing to walk through doubts, fears and indecision with the knowledge that success is not a question, it is an inevitability. Through their infectious enthusiasm, they are able to command this optimism in others.

Willingness to Take Chances

Something geniuses have in their toolbelt for success is the ability to overcome fears. They exhibit the will of conviction and ability to take chances. They do not see failures as the opposite of success, but rather as an opportunity to learn from their mistakes, then readjust and move forward.

Dynamic Energy

A genius does not rest on his or her laurels. A genius is someone who attends life. Having the ability to be proactive in mind and body is important to making things happen with determination and conviction.


Great journeys exist because of the unknown. People who do not attempt what others are afraid to try miss out on substantive prospects. Geniuses are seekers, learners and strategizers. They attack a challenge instead of recoiling from them.


Geniuses are not salespeople, they are motivators. They persuade not through insincere sales pitches but by using their ability to inspire people through the strength and belief of their convictions.

With this second installment of the 24 Characteristics of Genius, you can extend your internal potential for success by integrating these additional tools to your everyday life. Until the third installment, include these skills to your success repertoire!