Bob Duggan 6 Characteristics of Genius

Da Vinci’s the “Creation of Adam”



People who practice genius traits are open to experiences, ideas and people. They are “boosters”, people who encourage others and make close, honest and reciprocal friendships. They evoke confidence in their friends and colleagues by their responsiveness and friendliness.

Outgoingness ties directly to a person’s ability to be Persuasive, Optimistic and Honest which are characteristics we covered in the first and second installments.

Ability to Communicate

Effective communication is one of the most powerful tools to get your ideas across to other people. Geniuses are able to concisely and clearly use compelling language to get cooperation from others. This requires a good deal of patience, which brings us to the next characteristic.


Patience is not synonymous with waiting, but is instead the ability to pause and be steady in the face of troubling situations or people. Geniuses adopt the capacity to stay in acceptance, which is the key to most situations. Though it is pivotal to offer patience to others, it is just as important to be impatient with yourself. This self-impatience is acting with the eagerness and the unwillingness to wait. Truly believe that complacency in yourself is unacceptable.


Those who always have their eyes open and honed into their surroundings are practicing perception. To others, geniuses may seem psychic because they can deduce what others want from constant and careful observation of their environment. Geniuses do not impose their will onto unwilling parties. They readjust, reflect and take into consideration the needs of others before making decisions or taking uninformed actions.


Perfectionism is an action. It may be true that no one is perfect, but anyone can constantly strive for it. Geniuses produce perfection because they do not tolerate mediocrity in themselves. They catapult their minds, will and intentions into the action of believing perfection can be attained This drive produces the reality of perfectionism. Deciding that you will work towards perfection is more than half the battle to achieving it.

Sense of Humor

The 17 Characteristics of Genius previously covered are important, but geniuses also know how to be light-hearted. A person who has a sense of humor is more approachable. Following the genius traits is in no way meant to take the fun out of life! Geniuses know how to take and tell a joke, even at their own expense. A genius is well-rounded and knows how to be serious as well as how to laugh at themselves.

If you are diligent in following these steps, you will find that your path to success is as simple as incorporating these exercises into a daily practice.  A genius can be deliberate and light-hearted. These genius traits are not meant to stifle your inner genius, they are meant to bring out your best self that is now 6 steps closer to materializing.

Until the fourth installment of the 24 Characteristics of Genius, strive to getting closer to your goals using these traits.